Pursey Productions is based in South East England creating photo and video content.

Delivering high-quality and professional creative content for brands, companies, musicians, individuals and more. Everyone has a 
story, let's create it! 



High quality visuals are an absolute key to any business. They go a long way with engaging with clients, driving sales and increasing brand awareness. They are perfect for websites and social media too. I cover areas in South East and the UK. Content from music and event photography, portrait and fashion photography, commercial shoots, interior/real-estate shoots, product photography, headshots and family.




Video is the new photo! Having video content is just as important, so much information about a brand can be viewed in an eye catching video perfect for websites and socials. As the client I want you to be happy therefor I'll work with you to create content you want, from plannings, to shooting, to post-production.  I cover content such as; promotional videos, commercial videos, tutorials, event coverage, music videos, events and weddings.


I personally only offer wedding videography, however I work closely with wedding photographers, and we have duo packages available so please ask.

My packages include a feature film which has a personal touch to it, your own musical songs from your special day, this does effect copyright free and means you cannot post it, but I also make a shorter highlights version which is great for sharing online. 


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Email: pursey95@gmail.com

Colchester, Essex, UK

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