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Having had a love for photography since a young age, I now work my dream job as a professional photographer and videographer, working with brands and businesses to create all sorts of content from advertising campaigns, promotional content, music videos and content that's great for social media.

I love hearing your ideas and enjoy working with you ensuring the final outcome is the best it can be. We are sure to add your logo, colour scheme or font to the visual making it even more tailored to you. I have worked extensively over the last few years and feel confident that the end results are exactly what you're looking for.


Outside of my job I love travelling and exploring new places, spending time with my loved ones and friends and working on my own personal projects. Drop me a WhatsApp or email to start discussing your business and ideas. 



'Myself and my partner Bee created a small business called Better Half Productions. We create photo and video content for Air Bnb's, staycations, holiday lets etc. We have built our portfolio up in the last year staying at some fabulous places and meeting some incredible people. Take a look at our film example below, or follow our Instagram for more.'

See our instagram: @betterhalfproductions

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