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I'm Jake and Pursey Productions is my heart and soul.


My love for photography started young and is now my dream job! I provide inspirational videography and photography to companies, brands, influencers, organisations, charities whether big or small, to produce a wide range of visual content from advertising, promotional content, music videos and great all round content for social media platforms. I work with anyone that needs to promote, showcase and share their businesses and I deliver the best quality work for an outstanding long lasting impression for their customers and audience. 

I like to work closely with my clients, to hear their ideas and dreams and produce content that reflects them. I'm sure to add your logo, colour scheme or font to the visual making it even more tailored to you. I have worked successfully in this way since 2016 and with many of my clients the working relationship continues to grow and develop and we get to work together on their future ideas and projects which I love. 

Contact me, let's video call, WhatsApp message or meet for coffee to talk about how I can bring my skills to your dream and make it all happen. 

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