After growing up with my grandparents who were professional photographers, I'd been surrounded by cameras all my life. I'd be the one that would take my compact camera with me everywhere I go & take thousands of images.


I didn't study photo or film at UNI or anything, I studied Music Technology, being a drummer at heart I love creating & making music.

I've always been creative. This business was a great passion that developed further into something incredible allowing me great opportunities to work with brands, musicians & more.



I started my business with just photography & soon fell in love with videography & film. I love meeting new people, & making their visions come to life! I am able to create content for musicians, companies, brands, social media, event coverage & also Weddings too.

I use professional camera gear to create cinematic high quality work. I work closely to my clients from the planning, scripting, story boarding, lighting setups, camera angles etc. through to the day of the shoot, right through to post production & final edit stages, ensuring we are on track with the expected outcome. 

I personally am not a licensed drone pilot, however I do have full licensed pilots I outsource for this. Please do ask me about this.




I love minimalism, I wouldn't say I'm full minimalist however I do try my hardest especially when travelling. I'm not one for clutter as such, I love a clean tidy home/office, it helps me with my mindset to be more productive in day to day tasks and living.

I love house plants and bringing nature inside. I love learning about the different types and trying to look after them and keep them alive. This creates a calm environment to be in. 


@betterhalfproductions is a second business me and my partner started, creating photo & video content for air bnbs, staycations, holiday lets etc. We love to travel, explore new places together and create content on the go. We have worked with various staycations in the last year and it's something we definitely wish to continue in the years to come. 

See our instagram: @betterhalfproductions